Open auditions for Rumors by Neil Simon

Rumors by Neil Simon
Directed by Simone de Haas (Matilda Award-winning Director)

Audition date: Sunday, 1 December – 10am

How to Audition

  1. Download the Audition pack PDF (contains character descriptions, rehearsal schedule)
  2. Download and familiarise yourself with the Audition Pieces.
  3. Fill out the Audition registration form.
  4. Email a headshot and acting CV to 

About the Play

We are in the townhouse of the Deputy Mayor of New York City. He and his wife have invited four couples over to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. The party never begins though, because, as the first couple to arrive discover, the host has shot himself in the head (relax folks, it’s only a flesh wound), and his wife is missing.

His lawyer decides on a cover-up, which gets progressively more difficult to sustain as the other guests arrive, and nobody can remember Who has been told What about Whom.

Then it’s wham, bam, doors slam, thank you ma’am, and we’re off on a roller-coaster ride of hilarity as the couples get more and more crazed trying to sort everything out!

Characters (description & ages)

Ken Gorman – MALE, 35-50 – A well-spoken, handsome attorney in his 40s. Ken likes to be in control with a tendency to be a bit high strung. He is also one of the main drivers of the comedy so needs to be able to handle fast-paced dialogue.

Chris Gorman – FEMALE, 30-40  – Chris is Ken’s elegant and attractive wife, in her mid 30s. She is also a lawyer, and a bit high strung. Smokes ‘prop’ cigarettes and gets drunk  in Act 2.

Claire Ganz – FEMALE, 30-40 – Claire is late 30s to early 40s. She is a typical New Yorker society wife – sharp as a tack with a witty sense of humour (often directed at her husband Lenny), who likes to gossip and be in control.

Leonard “Lenny” Ganz – MALE, 35-50 – Lenny is Claire’s husband in his late 40s, early 50s. He is Charley’s accountant. Irascible, sarcastic and very likeable. He is also a main driver of the comedy. Has a substantial monologue at the end of the play.

Cookie Cusack – FEMALE, 40-50  – A slightly older woman with a questionable fashion sense and a dramatic personality. A great cook (she has her own cooking show),  she is also a little clumsy and has a chronic back pain, which leads to some great physical comedy. Married to Ernie.

Ernie Cusack – MALE, 40-55  – Ernie is Cookie’s husband and Charley’s psychiatrist. He is in his late 40s/early 50s. He is a somewhat quiet and calming presence with a tendency to smugness.

Glenn Cooper – MALE, 32-50 – An ambitious, polished man preparing for a run for the State Senate. Late 30s/early 40s. He’s all about the image.

Cassie Cooper – FEMALE, 25-35 – Cassie is Glenn’s wife. She is a typical trophy wife. She is younger, early 30s, very attractive, insecure, sexy & shrewish.

Officer Ben Welch – MALE, 30 – 50 – A vigorous, straight-talking, police officer. Has a couple of smaller monologues.

Officer Connie Pudney – FEMALE, 23-30 – Late 20s rookie cop. Welch’s partner. Minimal lines. Also doubles as ‘voice of Myra’ at end of play.

* Character age is somewhat flexible. The primary concern is that couples look like they “go together”
* All actors need to be able to learn & do an American Accent (Simone will provide some resources for learning american accent).
* The play is a typical farce – very fast-paced with verbal & physical comedy that requires a good range of movement.
* Some characters will be required to ‘smoke’ (herbal cigarettes)