About Growl

A community theatre for Brisbane’s inner northern suburbs.

Established in 2011, Growl Theatre is a group of individuals interested in putting on some plays, having some fun and providing some entertainment.

The name was inspired by the suburbs from which we mainly draw our initial members & audiences [Grange, Lutwyche, Windsor, Wilston]. However, as we’ve grown over the years, people have come from all over Brisbane to see the show and get involved with the group.

We started in 2011 at the Wilston Presbyterian Church Hall, and moved to Windsor State School Hall in 2012.

Finally, in 2013 we found a new and permanent home at the Windsor School of Arts Hall, 381 Lutwyche Rd, Windsor. Since 2011, we’ve performed 39 plays (and counting!) and a number of trivia night events and look forward to many more years of shows.

There’s no egos here; Growl Theatre is just a group of people who want to have fun and entertain our audiences. The aims of the group are:

  • To put on productions that are of the best quality possible; ‘amateur’ should not be a synonym for ‘rubbish’!
  • To provide an opportunity for people to hone existing skills and talents, or to build new ones.
  • To provide a group which helps to foster a greater sense of community.
  • To provide an opportunity to meet new people.

Growl Theatre Committee

The committee meets up 6 times a year in January, March, May, July, September, November (AGM).

Our 2023 management committee members are:

  • President: Rhiannon Said
  • Vice-President: Brendan James
  • Artistic Director: Jason Sharland
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Jason Sharland
  • General Committee members: Charles Langford, Aerlyn O’Brien, Leisa Bye, Julie Bray, Marion Jones

If you have any questions about membership or the committee, then feel free to email us.