Upcoming auditions – Summer Wonderland

Upcoming auditions for our first production of 2019.

Summer Wonderland by Matthew Ryan.
Directed by Leisa Bye and Alexia Suttor.

Audition date: Sunday 11 November, 2:00 – 5:00pm

How to Audition

  1. Download the Audition pack PDF (contains character descriptions, rehearsal schedule and audition pieces)
  2. Fill out the Audition registration form.
  3. Practice and prepare one (or more) audition pieces (see Audition pack PDF for audition pieces).

Characters (description & ages)

All characters are Australian except Ludwig, Gustav, Svetlana.

Russian and Bavarian accents do not need to be entirely accurate
but we are not looking for exaggerated “comedy” accents.

The characters of Bob & Ludwig will be the same actor due to dramatic purposes.

Ages of characters are not set in stone, if you would love to audition for a role but you’re a bit outside the recommended ranges, feel free to contact us.

Foster (Male 18-20 years. Actor 18-30 years)
Quiet, sensitive, has big dreams but is stifled by his father and his upbringing. Wants to escape his small cul-de-sac life but feels obliged to work in a job he doesn’t enjoy to support his unemployed father.

Bob/Ludwig (Male 40s/50s. Actor 30-55 years)
(must be the same person for dramatic purposes)
Bob is a loud, obnoxious, bogan. Not working, and relying on his son Foster to pay the bills. Doesn’t understand his quiet, sensitive son and doesn’t appreciate Foster’s dreams (to the point of taking the money Foster has saved for an overseas trip to use for Bob’s own purposes). Antagonistic towards Marti, who he believes is above her station.
Ludwig is Foster’s imaginary manifestation of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Friendly, proud, must have a Bavarian accent.

Marti (Female 40s/50s. Actor 30-55 years)
Self-obsessed one-upper/soccer mum/stage mum, thinks she and her daughter are better than others and likes to let others know this. Recognises that Demoiselle is not overly talented but has always told her that she is, and has bought her trophies and ribbons and opportunities (such as university placements) to “prove” it.

Demoiselle (Female 18-20 years old. Actor 18-30 years)
Pretty, friendly, sweet. Marti has told her all her life that she is special and talented and she is starting to realise all of Marti’s lies. She is working out who she really is. Friendly with Foster.

Eugene (Male in his 50s/60s. Actor 40-65 years)
Quiet and downtrodden. Wants more from his life but has no idea how to get it. Has bought a Russian mail-order bride (Svetlana).

Gustav (Male 30s/40s. Actor 20-50 years)
Russian mob type chasing the money that Eugene ‘owes’ for buying Svetlana as a wife, quite devious. Must have a Russian accent.

Svetlana (Female in her 20s/30s. Actor 20-40 years)
Eugene’s Russian mail-order bride. Sexually aggressive towards any male she is attracted to, a list that doesn’t include Eugene, who she finds boring, but does include Foster. Must have a Russian accent.

Mrs Slade (Female in her 60s/70s. Actor 50-70 years)
Elderly lady, hard of hearing, very Christian, believes Christmas decorations are sacrilegious, antagonistic towards Bob. – small role.