2017 – Play It Again, Sam

Woody Allen’s hilarious and actually rather moving comedy, Play It Again, Sam brings fabulous 1960s fashion and trade-mark neurotics to the Growl Theatre stage


Allan Felix, film critic and recently-deserted husband, lives in a lonely apartment and talks to his imaginary idol, Humphrey Bogart. When his friends Dick and Linda try to set him up with women, his attempts to be suave and sexy lead to a series of comic disasters – until Allan starts to develop feelings for Linda, his best friend’s wife….

Julie Bray

Assistant Director
Raphael Jadin

Allan Felix … James Elliott
Dick Christie … Jacob Phelan
Linda Christie … Bianca Reynolds
Nancy … Miranda Nelson
Bogart … Brendan James
Dream Sharon/Go-Go Girl/Vanessa/Barbara … Stacey Parviainen
Sharon Lake/Intellectual Girl/Gina … Emily McCormick

26, 27, 28 May, 2, 3 June