A bit of bad news – Auditions postponed

We’ve had an unfortunate change of plan, regarding auditions and the planned performance of our next play, ‘The Children’s Hour’. We’re in the process of emailing/calling all prospective auditionees, but in case we miss anyone, the text below might explain if we seem to be going ‘quietly, quietly’ in the first half of 2014.


Dear Prospective Cast and Friends of Growl,

We regret to announce that we are forced to postpone the audition for ‘The Children’s Hour’ for the immediate future.

After initial delays in 2014 resulting from renovation work, we have been “thrown a curveball” in the form of last minute, substantial repairs to our home, the Windsor School of Arts. Major repairs and renovation of the ceiling is taking place, with the restoration of the original pressed metal structure and reinstatement of heritage style lighting. Sadly, we were only advised of this new development on Monday evening. It is this situation which has led to this postponement.

We are still keen to have ‘The Children’s Hour’ on the Growl Stage at some point, hopefully in 2014. We’ve been excited to see the enthusiasm and commitment of Meredith Downes, a new Growl Director, and Brendan James, her AD. We will look forward to seeing Meredith’s vision for this impressive drama come to fruition at some point and will keep you posted of any progress made towards this end.

We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused to you by this change and hope that you will understand the circumstances in which we took this disappointing, but necessary decision. We hope that there will be a chance soon for you to be part of Growl Theatre.


With our best regards,

Jason Sharland
Artistic Director

Elizabeth Ellison