Audition Notice: The Servant of Two Masters

The renovation of our home, the Windsor School of Arts is finally complete and we’re back with auditions for our first play of 2014.

The Servant of Two Masters
by Carlo Goldini, adapted by Nick Enright and Ron Blair

A classic Italian Comedy in the vein of Commedia del’Arte, adapted by Australian writers who have “Ozified” it a lot!

Open auditions are being held on Saturday 12th July, where you will be asked to do a cold dialogue read (scripts will be supplied at audition).


Auditions will be held at Windsor School of Arts Hall, Saturday 12th July, 12-3pm.

We ask that you email us to register your interest in attending the auditions, including your name, age and the character(s) you are interested in playing.

For all the audition requirements and character outlines, please view our Auditions page.



Truffaldino, a wily servant, has found a way to double his income – work two jobs for two masters at the same time. What could possibly go wrong? Hang on. His first master is actually a woman disguised as a man (who’s dead) come to find her lover (who killed her brother), but now finds herself accidentally betrothed to a girl (who’s engaged to someone else). His second master is a man (actually a man) who is in love with his first master (who’s really a woman whose brother he actually killed). Nah. What could go wrong?

Commedia dell’arte, done ‘Oz Style’.