Information about Auditions

Auditioning for GROWL is easy.

If you are interested in auditioning, you should contact the person that is indicated with the audition announcement.  They will provide you with any necessary material.

Auditions will usually involve a prepared reading of a section of script.  You may be required to read the section a number of times, with a number of different combinations of people.

Remember that auditions are not solely a reflection of your talent.  Directors may be after a certain ‘type’ of person, maybe taller, maybe shorter, maybe older, maybe younger than you.  It is important to approach auditions with a ‘sporting spirit’ – knowing that you may not be lucky this time.

Before audition, please make contact with the person indicated in the audition notice.  This will help make things run a little better.

There are no auditions at the moment.
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Don’t worry – we are plotting something really fun!