Welcome to Growl Theatre

Growl Theatre began in 2011, so we’re pretty darned new!  This is a group of people who are interested in getting together and putting on some plays, having some fun and providing some entertainment.  The aims of the group will be:

  • To put on productions that are of the best quality possible; ‘amateur’ should not be a synonym for ‘rubbish’!
  • To provide an opportunity for people to hone existing skills and talents, or to build new ones.
  • To provide a group which helps to foster a greater sense of community.
  • To provide an opportunity to meet new people.

The name was inspired by the suburbs from which we’ll mainly draw our members and audiences [GRange, Lutwyche, Windsor, Wilston].  The word ‘GROWL’ also is bold – and starting a new theatre group is certainly that.  We will meet, rehearse and perform at the Wilston Presbyterian Church Hall,  25 Macgregor St, Wilston.