Acting for Everybody – Workshop series

Minola Theatre and Growl Theatre proudly present:

Acting for Everybody
Learn more about theatre and improve your performance skills in a fun, safe and judgment-free environment

Do you love community theatre?

Is acting something you enjoy, but find intimidating?

Do you want to learn more about theatre without all the scary jargon?

Join Kat and Bianca, your friendly and experienced facilitators for Acting for Everybody: a fun 2021 workshop series, presented by Minola Theatre in collaboration with Growl Theatre.

How much does it cost?
Each 3-hour workshop costs $36pp to attend — that’s only $12 per hour! Book tickets here.

Places are strictly limited (15 people max), so book in early to secure your place.

Workshop Overviews

Workshop #1: Playful Performances: Accessing your character through embodied play

Explore new ways of getting to know characters through embodied play. We will use games and fun activities to explore character status, motivation and intention.

We will share fun and safe methods for using personal experience and memory to make deeper connections with your characters’ stories and the words they speak.

We will also provide some helpful information about basic stagecraft and some of the terminology you might hear used in the theatre.

Sunday 21 February 2021, 1:30pm-4:30pm

Workshop #2: Physical Performances: Accessing your character through movement 

The way you hold and move your body has a huge impact on things like mood, emotional state and confidence. It also impacts how those around you perceive you. Exploring movement is a transformative tool for shaping characters and relationships on stage. Why do some people move slowly, and others quickly? Why do some people stomp their feet, and others tiptoe? Why do we emphasise different body parts when we walk? How do things like this affect the playing of a character?
Learn to identify the ways you naturally move, and how changing some of these choices can help unlock different kinds of characters you didn’t know you had inside you.

Sunday 14 March 2021, 1:30pm-4:30pm

Workshop #3: Conversational Performances: Exploring language and meaning 

Let’s dive into some text work! In this workshop, we will look at one of the key tools of theatre: the script. Learn how to pull apart a script, to understand its deeper meanings and what gets said ‘beneath the surface’. Explore how dialogue can be used to build or destroy relationships, move power back and forth between characters, create comedy, deceive, mislead or inspire.

We will combine group discussions with reading aloud in pairs and small groups, trying out new techniques to explore the many possible meanings of words on the page.

Sunday 11 July 2021, 1:30pm-4:30pm 

Who is Minola Theatre?

Minola Theatre is a young independent theatre company run by Kat Dekker and Bianca Butler Reynolds, long-time friends and collaborators of Growl Theatre.

Kat and Bianca are creatives and teaching artists, whose combined theatre experience covers performing, directing, playwriting, producing and teaching.

More information about Kat and Bianca can be found here. Minola’s production and workshop history can be found here.

What are the ‘Acting for Everybody’ workshops?

Kat and Bianca are excited to offer fun and exciting workshops designed specifically for members of the Growl community.

Whether you’re a seasoned performer or yet to step onto the stage, these workshops offer a safe and playful space to develop your performance skills, gain confidence, build community, and develop a better understanding of how scripts and characters work. 

What is the time commitment?

‘Acting for Everybody’ is a 2021 workshop series, currently made up of three separate workshops.

Each workshop will run for three hours on a Sunday and be held at the Growl Theatre hall (Windsor School of Arts, 381 Lutwyche Road, Windsor).

Participants are welcome to come along to one, two, or all three workshops. Each workshop will be a fun and informative stand-alone event. Those who come along to the full series will gain a broad range of new skills to bring to their acting practice.