2022 – Charley’s Aunt

What absurd ends would a couple of lovesick young men in the late 19th century be willing to go to in order to win the affections of two attractive young women? 

This classic evergreen farce is set in Oxford during the 1890s. The imminent visit of Charles Wykeham’s aunt from Brazil, Donna Lucia, provides an excuse for Charles and Jack to invite their young ladies to meet her.

When a telegram arrives postponing Donna Lucia’s visit, they persuade their amiable friend Babbs to impersonate the aunt – and the fun really begins.

Charley’s Aunt
by Brandon Thomas, adapted by Paul Thain
Directed by Aerlyn O’Brien


Jack Chesney – Tyler Harris
Charley Wykeham – Brendan R Burman-Bellenger
Lord Fancourt Babberley – Brendan James
Brassett – Ewan Paterson
Sir Francis Chesney – Jason Sharland
Stephen Spettigue – Brad Ashwood
Kitty Verdun – Mollie Ashworth
Amy Spettigue – Ashlee McCreanor
Ela Delahay – Sophia Harris
Donna-Lucia D’Alvadorez – Fiona Manders

Performed 5 – 20 August 2022


Director – Aerlyn O’Brien
Assistant Director – Leisa Bye
Costumes – Rosemary McLeod, Wendy Shead
Set Designer – Scott Bagnell