Raising money for Small Steps 4 Hannah Foundation

Gaslight is a dark tale of a marriage based on deceit and trickery, and features a husband committed to driving his wife insane. There are strong themes of domestic violence and coercive control.

In 1965 (28 years after the play was written), writers began using the film’s title as a verb – “gaslighting”.  Patrick Hamilton could never have imagined his 1938 drama would give today’s world such a powerful term.  “Gaslighting” and domestic violence is still sadly present today, even perhaps on the rise.

In February 2020, Hannah Clarke and her three children, Aaliyah, 6, Laianah, 4, and Trey, 3, lost their lives as a result of domestic violence .

The Small Steps 4 Hannah Foundation provides much-needed assistance to organisations that promote the prevention or control of domestic violence and relieve the distress of those directly and indirectly affected by such violence.

Growl Theatre asked audiences to make a donation to Small Steps 4 Hannah when booking their tickets, and audiences donated a total of $465.50.

We have matched this amount and Growl Theatre was pleased to have donated $931 to the Small Steps 4 Hannah Foundation.