Take a look at Black Comedy – on stage soon!

Less than 3 weeks until Black Comedy hits the stage. Tickets are selling now.

BLACK COMEDY is a one-act farce first performed in 1965. It gets its name because it takes place during an electrical blackout.

It comes from the physical, high energy side of comedy by taking away one of the most fundamental assumptions that come in writing a comedy – sight. The play is set during a blackout, and whilst the lights are up for the audience (in a reverse lighting scheme, pitch black before the theatrical blackout occurs) the characters are rendered blind.


Brindsley Miller, a struggling sculptor, and his fiancée, Carol Melkett, have borrowed some frightfully expensive furniture from a neighbor without his permission in order to impress a millionaire art collector coming to view the young artist’s work. But when a blown fuse plunges the building into darkness, things slide quickly into disaster as Carol’s militant father arrives, the neighbor returns early, and Brindsley’s ex-girlfriend shows up.