Our next auditions – Mary Rose

Auditions for our 3rd show for 2019 are being held next month. “Mary Rose” is written by JM Barrie, best known as the author of Peter Pan.  It is a haunting play about a sinister Scottish island and a girl who never grows up.

Mary Rose by J.M. Barrie.
Directed by Julie Bray.

Audition date: Wednesday 5th June, 6:30pm

How to Audition

  1. Download the Audition pack PDF (contains character descriptions, rehearsal schedule and audition pieces)
  2. Fill out the Audition registration form.
  3. Practice and prepare a 2-3 minute dramatic monologue

Characters (description & ages)

PLEASE NOTE: The ages listed below are character ages.

Mrs Otery – Female, Age 45+
The cantankerous caretaker of the English manor house in which the story is set.

Harry – Male, Age 20-40 years
An Australian soldier recently returned from World War I who inspects the house.

Mary Rose – Female, Age 18 – 25 years (character age – 18 years)
A childlike young woman, 18 years old.

The following roles are played as 2 different ages, 20 years apart. Some costume, hair/makeup effects will be used, but ideally the actor needs to be able to show the difference in age through their mannerisms and portrayal.

Simon – Male, Age 20-25 years and 40 years*
The future husband of Mary Rose. The actor will play the role as younger (20-25 years) and again older (40 years)

Mrs Morland – Female, Age 40 years and 60 years*
The mother of Mary Rose.

Mr Morland – Male, Age 40 years and 60 years*
The father of Mary Rose

Mr Amy  – Male, Age 40 years and 60 years*
A friend of the Morland family

Cameron – Male, Age 20 years and 40 years*
A Scottish Highlander. (Ability to do Scottish accent is essential.)

* these are approximate ages and broader age range will be considered