2016 – The Constant Wife

The Constant Wife by W Somerset Maugham

Our 3rd show for 2016 was a tale about duplicitous dealings, infidelity and the battle of the sexes. This play raised interesting questions about love, lust and the manoeuvres of marriage.


The Constant Wife is a social comedy of marital maneuvers in 1920s upper-class London. Constance Middleton discovers that her husband is having an affair with her best friend. Rather than humiliating herself and others, she denies the affair, defends the two, and sets about turning bad luck, unfaithful friends, local gossip and a broken heart to her own advantage.

Jason Sharland


Constance Middleton … Liz Ellison
John Middleton … Raphael Jadin
Bernard Kersal … Michael Dunlop
Marie-Louise Durham … Dee Heath
Mrs Culver … Julie Bray
Martha Culver … Leisa Bye
Barbara Fawcett … Miranda Nelson
Mortimer Durham … Paul Whelan
Bentley … Duncan McCaig

26, 27 August
1, 2, 3 September