Introducing our cast for The Children’s Hour

Here it is…What you’ve all been waiting for.

We present to you the cast of our upcoming production of  “The Children’s Hour”

Karen Wright – Vivien Whittle
Martha Dobie – Alexandria Page
Doctor Joseph Cardin – Raphael Jadin
Mrs Lily Mortar – Julie Bray
Mrs Amelia Tilford – Wendy Spencer
Agatha – Gabrielle Smith
Mary Tilford – Ella St Clair
Rosalie Wells – Micah Fink
Peggy Rogers – Charlotte Asher
Peggy Rogers – Madison Beckley
Evelyn Munn – Lily Wade
Evelyn Munn – Caitlin Guthrie
Lois Fisher – Courtney Hunt
Catherine – Max Farrow
Helen Burton – Meghan Budinger
A Grocery Boy – Reuben Browne

A big welcome to all the new faces, as well as a welcome back to a couple of much-loved Growl regulars!