2012 – A Night with John Maddison Morton

In our second show for 2012, Growl Theatre performed “A Night With John Maddison Morton” – consisting of two one-act plays by the prolific Victorian comic writer.  His work is hilarious, but rarely performed today.   The plays are in the style of farce.

Box and Cox
A romance of real life.

After A Storm, Comes A Calm
A comedietta, in one act.

Directed by
Jason Sharland & Kati Francis

Box – Matthew Seddon
Cox –
James Meggitt
Mrs Bouncer –
Leisa Bye

Major Pelican – Simon Corvan
Mrs Pelican –
Liz Ellison
Mrs Major Pelican –
Jewelann Corvan
Fanny –
Rosanna Brennan
Doctor Prettywell – Lee St Clair
Joseph –
Mark Sullivan

27th & 28th September 2012