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By William Shakespeare. Adapted by James Elliott.

Audition time & date

Sunday, 26 November 2017, 1-4pm
Auditions now extended to 5pm, limited places remain. Auditions 1-5pm.

AUDITIONS ON SUNDAY ARE NOW FULL. If you have missed out on a timeslot, but are still interested in auditions, please your interest and we will advise if a second audition date will be released (depending on numbers).

How to register for Auditions:

  1. Download the Audition pack PDF for character descriptions, rehearsal schedule and important information about auditioning.
  2. Fill out the Audition registration form with your details to register.
  3. Choose a 10 minute audition time from our auditions schedule.
  4. Prepare 2 short memorised monologues, one Shakespearean and one of your choosing, one comedic and one dramatic.


What if Hamlet discovered that he was trapped inside his own story? This adaption of one of Shakespeare’s greatest works looks at the existential question of an afterlife, and how the medium of theatre could be the damned pit for the soul of a character.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, deals with the question of whether to avenge the murder of his father orchestrated by his incestuous uncle, to confront his betraying mother now wife to his father’s brother, or take his own life in the hope of some peaceful relief from his inability to act. Interweaving familial turmoil of regal stakes with existential grievance revenged murder, “Hamlet” is Shakespeare’s exploration into the human condition of how present actions cast shadows on our everlasting soul, and how reason and faculty, fail to surmount the challenge to overcome them.


Gertrude: Female – 40’s – 70’s
Queen of Denmark, Wife to King Claudius, Mother to Hamlet

Claudius: Male – 40’s – 70’s
King of Denmark, Brother to King Hamlet.

King Hamlet: Male – 40’s – 70’s
Former King of Denmark, Father to Hamlet

Polonius: Female – 40’s – 70’s
Aid to the king, Mother of Ophelia and Laertes

Ophelia: Female – 20’s – 30’s
Lover of romance, daughter to Polonius, Sister to Laertes

Rosencrantz: Male or Female – 20’s – 40’s
Friend to Hamlet and the court, and Guildenstern

Guildenstern: Male or Female – 20’s – 40’s
Friend to Hamlet and the court, and Rosencrantz

Laertes: Male – 20’s – 50’s
Prized son of Polonius, brother to Ophelia

Gravedigger: Male or Female – 30’s – 80’s
An old gravedigger

Horatio: Male or Female – 20’s – 60’s
Aid and old friend to Hamlet

The ages and genders of some roles are deliberately quite vague. Please don’t let preconceived notions of these characters stop you from auditioning.


Important information for actors

Rehearsals: Mon & Thurs nights (6:30-9:30pm), Sundays (usually 1-4pm, some evenings)
Show Dates: 23 February, 2, 3, 9, 10 March 2018

If you are cast, it is expected of you to:

  • Become a financial member of Growl Theatre. This covers insurance for our members.
  • Commit fully to performances
  • Attend the vast majority (if not all) rehearsals and arrive on time (usual times 6:30-9:30pm)
  • Pitch in for all aspects of the production. As a community group, we sometimes ask our actors to help source props, costuming and help clean and tidy the hall.



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