2018 – My Pet Human

A heart-warming comedy about people dogs and their pet dogs humans.

When Ben finds a lost clueless Fox Terrier pup, Bow, his world is turned upside down when he encounters an extraordinary bunch of Canine lovers. With their assistance Ben grows to understand the special bond between humans and their pet dogs.

When Bow finds a lost naive student Ben, his world is turned upside down when he encounters a pack of weird and wonderful people-loving pooches. With their help, Bow grows to appreciate the special bond between dogs and their pet humans.

My Pet Human was first performed, August 2nd 2008 at Front Row Theatre Company (Hamilton Town Hall).

Ben/Bow … Oliver Cameron
Gemma/Giddi … Julie Stewart
Roger/Riff … Brendan James
Lydia/Lady … Lauren Flood
Dave/Duke … John Sayles
Alfred/Auggie … Paul Whelan
Ida/Izabella … Vivien Whittle
Kipper … Tasmin Gandhi, Ruben Gandhi, Maya Lee

Julie Bray

My Pet Human
Written by Leah Pellinkhof