2015 – Trois Versions de la Vie

Brisbane’s first ever stage show performed entirely in French, with the inclusion of English surtitles sold out completely.  The feedback from everyone was fantastic, and we hope we can put on another French production in the future.


A scathingly hilarious commentary on vanity, professional insecurity, and the vicissitudes of marriage, Trois versions de la vie presents three versions of two couples trying to make a success of an evening even though they neither like nor respect one another. When Hubert and Inès arrive unexpectedly for dinner at the home of Henri and Sonia, an improvised meal of chocolate fingers, potato chips, and wine ensues as the couples trade insults on every social and professional level and loyalties are changed with the same rapidity that glasses of Sancerre are drained.

Emily Miller

Henri – Thomas Smith
Sonia – Sophie Masson
Hubert Finidori – Huges Girod
Inès Finidori – Florence Depraz

Thursday 6th, Friday 7th, Saturday 8th August