Growl chats with Leah Pellinkhof – Playwright for My Pet Human

What Audience was My Pet Human written for?

My Pet Human is such a great play as it caters for all ages. It is kid-friendly, however does have a lot of adult humour. It also is relatable as the characters within the play are all so different and easy to identify with. It isa great play for those who have never seen a play before because it is SO FUN and different than other plays.

What was the inspiration for My Pet Human?

In every play Leah writes, all characters are always based on people Leah knows or reflect a part of herself.  For example, the character Bowie is based on Leah’s old dog Bowie who is no longer with us. The concept came when Leah, Bowie and Julie Bray (Growl Theatre Actor/Director & My Pet Human Director) and Julie’s pup (Bonny) ventured to the Dog Park. Leah emphasised that Julie was a great influence and she is delighted that Julie is directing the play.

The play is also inspired with some underlying issues such as animal abuse, racism and misogyny to name a few. Leah had stated that although the underlying messages are there, it is not a major slap in the face but she does like to take her audiences on an emotional roller-coaster – To feel the emotions yet also be hit with some truth.

Why a Play and not a Film?

The wonderful joy about My Pet Human is to see the actors take dog form and do barbaric things like crawl on all fours and sniff each other’s butts. Also, a part of the charm with a performance is both the audience and actors get to live in the moment and not two moments are the same. A performance is a living breathing thing in which the audience brings energy to.

Any last words from our playwright?

Have FUN! In the past we have gone slightly overtime because we have had so many pauses due to audience’s laughter! It is such a fun play that all can enjoy, but also bring your tissues!

Interviewed & Written By Stacey Parviainen