2015 An update from Growl

The year is rapidly moving on and Growl is looking down the barrel of the last of our four productions for 2015. Our next play, “Stories in the Dark” is probably more well known for its author, Debra Oswald (“Secret Life of Us”, “Offspring”) but it is a beautiful and timely story. Set now, somewhere, it is the story of two children, marooned by war, in a city under siege. Anna, 16, tells Tomas, 12, “stories in the dark” in order to allay his fears whilst the bombs and mortars go off around them. The “Grimm” tales come to life all around them. We hope you will come and support our large cast in this production. Featuring an equal mix of newcomers and Growl regulars, we are donating a portion of our proceeds the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Our story was originally inspired by the civil war in former Yugoslavia, but the present conflict sadly highlights how timeless it is.

In other news, we will soon release our four play line up for 2016. “Blackadder” will be returning, and almost certainly another French production after the huge success of “Trois Versions de la Vie”. We are always after new members who want truly be part of our group for the long haul; we’re definitely happy to take people who are involved in other theatrical societies but, as with all groups, we need people who can make ours a particular focus. If you can contribute by acting, cleaning, front of house, backstage, or support with construction, painting or props, we’d love to hear from you. One role you’ll note that we don’t advertise is for our Directors. We don’t recruit this critical role from people who are unknown to our group, so helping out in other roles first would be a must. It’d help you get to know us, and for us to get to know you.

Hopefully you’ve already bought your tickets for “Stories in the Dark” by now. If not – what are you waiting for?

Jason Sharland, Artistic Director