2014 – The Servant of Two Masters

Due to the renovation of our home, the Windsor School of Arts, our only show for 2014 was “The Servant of Two Masters”.


Truffaldino, a wily servant, has found a way to double his income – work two jobs for two masters at the same time. What could possibly go wrong?

Hang on.

His first master is actually a woman disguised as a man (who’s dead) come to find her lover (who killed her brother), but now finds herself accidentally betrothed to a girl (who’s engaged to someone else).

His second master is a man (actually a man) who is in love with his first master (who’s really a woman whose brother he actually killed). Nah. What could go wrong?

Jason Sharland

Assistant Director
Simon Corvan

Silvio (the son of Dottore) – Luke Johnstone
Clarice (the daughter of Pantalone) – Tiphani Colls
Pantalone – Simon Corvan
Dottore – Chris Wilson
Smeraldina (Clarice’s Maid) – Leisa Bye
Brighella (an Innkeeper) – Brayden Argent
Truffaldino (Beatrice’s servant) – Lee St Clair
Beatrice (Sister of Federigo) – Emily Miller
Florindo (Love of Beatrice) – Stephen Grady
Porter/Waiter 1 – Jack Sheild
Waiter 2 – Kristy Kay

Friday 29th, Saturday 30th August
Thursday 4th, Friday 5th, Saturday 6th September