First show for 2013 – The Ladies Man

Auditions went well and we’ve found a great cast for our first show for 2013 – The Ladies Man.

The Ladies Man – by Charles Morey
Freely translated and adapted from ‘Tailleur Pour Dames’ – By Georges Feydeau.
From the master of French farce, comes a fantastically funny, fluffy poodle of a play – ‘The Ladies Man’. Feydeau’s comedy is given new life and pace in this wonderful adaptation by Charles Morey.


Dr Molineaux, failed potential philanderer, finds that his fleeting thoughts of having an affair following a period of embarrassing ‘marital difficulty’ have caused him to come unstuck. His almost-mistress won’t let go, her volatile German soldier husband is on the warpath and his lovely young wife has pulled out the big guns in the form of her gorgon-like mother. The ability of his servants and lisping best friend to cope with the chaotic string of events leaves much to be desired. How on earth can Molineaux recover?