How to get involved

Growl has lots of opportunities to be involved!

Quite honestly, it’s hard to name all of the jobs that COULD help at Growl, but we know there’s a few holes that could do with filling.

We’re always looking for talented people to help with:

  • Hair and/or makeup
  • Costume/sewing skills
  • Stage Crew
  • A resourceful person at finding/making props
  • Set Construction

Hopefully that gives you the idea.  We have no shortage of wonderful people to act in our plays, but the jobs behind the scenes are essential to keeping the place running.

Ideally, if you want to join our group to act, we will expect you to give back to the group/assist in other ways too.

If you’re a reliable, agreeable person, who wants to join a friendly group of people please email to get in touch, or even better – come and see a show and meet us in person!

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